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Far Hills, NJ... we have a problem. The long standing turf war between the USGA and whomever plays in the U.S Open is starting to rear its ugly head again.  Pebble Beach hosts this years U.S Open and if you listen to most tour pro's then you would think the USGA is ready to destroy their national open. The rules makers- The USGA has always prided itself on being the most laborious test of golf.  Knee high rough, dehydration, the massacre at winged foot, Phil hitting a moving get the picture.  The USGA prides itself on trying to keep...

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Who's not swept up in Marvel fever these days?  Seems like even the old crust of the USGA realizes it's a good idea to hitch their wagon to the hottest social commodity out there today.  The USGA has partnered up with none other than Marvel Comics to create a comic book that will have present day Avengers teaching the next generation of Marvel Superheroes how to play and follow the rules of golf. The Avengers replace Snoopy and the Peanuts gang that the USGA has used over the past 30 years as vessels of information aimed at youth golfers.  I...

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True, there's a Swing Juice GOAT shirt (find it here), but let's be honest, there's only one GOAT. That's MJ himself. If you don't agree, you're wrong. Jordan over Tiger, or Brady, all day. It's dumb we're even having this discussion. Tom Brady didn't revolutionize the world of sneaker endorsements nor pave the way for professional athletes to make so much money they become Tiger Woods. Without MJ, you have no Tiger. Anyway, Nike did the world a favor and released a very significant version of the OG Jordan 1 shoe...for golf. True, high-tops have been around a minute in...

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