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How many Hot Takes are Too Many?? The Answer is No Such thing when you're talking to PGA Tour Star Pat Perez.  In this Episode of The "Bros on Golf" Podcast powered by Swing Juice and Brobible, we welcome the HILARIOUS 18th Ranked Player in the World to the program. We discuss just about everything under the sun and I mean Everything.  Pat talks about his return to game of golf after a devastating injury and his "Routine" (Spoiler Alert: He doesn't have one).  Of course we have to talk about Tiger Woods and Bill Murray. In addition we dive into...

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This past week found Pat Perez in the headlines for making some pretty interesting statements about Tiger Woods. The funny part is how many people took Perez to task over his comments and how angry they got at him over it. Here are some excerpts: ‰ÛÏPersonally, I don‰Ûªt think you‰Ûªll see him again this year. I think he‰Ûªs out. The only thing he‰Ûªs going to care about is Augusta. ‰Û_ It‰Ûªs not like he‰Ûªs got his favorite major courses after Augusta. I‰Ûªm telling you, I don‰Ûªt think you‰Ûªre going to see this guy again. The guy can‰Ûªt show up to...

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