Jon - SwingJuice cofounder

SwingJuice initially came to market as a beverage company offering a unique energy drink specifically crafted for the golf enthusiast. In 2014, founder Jon Mason transitioned the SwingJuice brand away from beverages and into a golf-inspired apparel brand. The company was developed around the philosophy that it was time to break the mold – to squash the stereotype that golfers are hyper-conservative and stuffy. SwingJuice apparel allows you to display your passion for golf in a more fun, unique and approachable way. And, we’re not just a product brand. SwingJuice is a community that shares a passion for golf and a desire to fuel our golf-loving souls. We are sports junkies just like you and we’re always dreaming up ways to bring you more of the sweet gear you want. So go ahead. Take a look around. Engage with the community on our COMMUNITY page. Have some fun - because that is what golf, and SwingJuice is all about..

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