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Do You want to know How Rich guys Gamble on the Golf Course?? In this episode of The Bros on Golf Podcast (powered by SJ and Brobible), we talk about one of the FUNNIEST Golf bets we've ever heard.  It definitely Sounds like Rich guys have all of the Fun..or at least some pretty creative bets.  We also touch on the latest Business venture by Golf Legend "The Shark" Greg Norman called "The Shark Experience" which is being touted by some as one of the greatest innovations to the game of golf in some time (Hmmmmm?? **Hands to Chin Emoji**)....

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Is The Shark a Beast? In Episode 2 of The critically acclaimed Bros on Golf Podcast, Jason from Brobible and I discuss this very topic as Greg Norman continues to defy father time and just be a Man amongst Men.  We also talk about the golf story heard around the world in the Emily Nash High School Golf Girl vs. Boys controversy.  Furthermore we'll give you our Terrible Fantasy Golf picks (actually turns out they aren't that bad) and of course we talk about one Eldrick Tiger Woods.  Come Join us for the Super Hot Takes:   Subscribe on iTunes   ...

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We Super Excited to announce that we have partnered with our boys at to get into the Podcast game. DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... Introducing Bros on Golf, a weekly dialogue of Spicy Hot Takes on The World of Golf, Fantasy Golf, Lifestyle and everything in between featuring Hosts yours truly Jon Mason and Editor in Chief Jason Cammerota (We are the Resident Golf Bro's). So Check out Episode 1 below or Search iTunes Podcasts "Bros on Golf" (SUBSCRIBE) and we look forward to catching up with you each week!  Do you want to add another Podcast to your mix?  Of...

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