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**WARNING Potentially Graphic Language** (Kinda Not Really) Not sure if this deserves an R or NC-17 Rating but it's funny nonetheless.  During last week's PGA Tour's Genesis Open at Riviera, Justin Thomas uttered one of the funniest golf ball tongue lashing's we've heard in recent memory.  As he uncorked another perfect swing and his ball approached the green he calmly just said in hushed tones mostly meant for the bedroom "Talk Dirty To Me".  So Filthy and yet So Perfect.  Golf Ball Dirty talk FTW.  Check out the Shot Below. And of course we had to give it the SJ...

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If you've ever played the game of golf, you've most certainly been to that deep, dark place that leaves you wanting to assault the nearest tree with your 7 iron, snap your driver over your leg, or throw your putter into the nearest dumpster. Let's face it, we've all been there. It doesn't mean we've actually done it, but we've been to that place. Personally, I'll admit, I've thrown a sand wedge into a tree and thrown a driver into a bush, no big deal. At the WGC Mexico last week, Justin Thomas reminded us that yes, even the pros...

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