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To be a fly on the wall at the Palm Springs restaurant when Arnold Palmer orders his homemade concoction of Ice Tea and Lemonade for the first time.  To be sitting next to Arnie, to hear that random women ask the waitress if she could have what Mr. Palmer was having, to be part of history...  Truth be told, Mr. Palmer actually preferred 3 parts unsweetened ice tea and 1 part lemonade as opposed to the half and half which most people associate with him. Regardless of the ratio, an Arnold Palmer is THE DRINK.  If you golf,  you understand...

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2017 is the first year of the Arnold Palmer Invitational since Arnie's passing. As such, this year's event was much more than a golf tournament, it was a celebration of Arnie's life. This week's Quick Hits will cover some of the highlights and special moments from last week's event. Callaway Tours Arnold Palmer's Office Though frequently covered, Arnold Palmer's offices always seem to have something new to show the world. Callaway got a tour through the office at Bay Hill from Cori Britt and we got to see some crazy things. Maybe coolest of all is the book of handwritten...

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With all of the excitement of the Arnold Palmer Invitational this week, it's been fun looking back on highlights from this prestigious tournament over the years. Always one to entertain, Sergio did his thing by just being Sergio in 2013. With his ball coming to rest up in a tree, Sergio scaled the damn thing like a champ and hit a backwards one-handed shot out into play to avoid the penalty stroke. Was it worth it? No idea, but it was cool as hell. Take a look below.  

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