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Golf & Pizza - Da Pizza Dude Chicago

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With 4th of July Weekend upon us the Summer has Officially Begun! Bon Appetit published probably as complete a guide to Summer Food and Grilling as you'll ever see with 60 Recipes to Celebrate Peak Summer. So fire up those Grills, Spice up those Hot Dogs, and Make it Happen. Speaking of Hot Dogs and Food, Yes we have a Hot Dog T-Shirt, choose either a short sleeve or a Tank with a side of BBQ. Summer Lovin Indeed!    

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Jon living out on the Atlantic gets to enjoy plenty of delicious seafood and other food I don't get in the Midwest, but growing up in Chicago, I will always have two things he doesn't - the best damn deep dish pizza in the world (shout out to Lou Malnati's) and good Italian Beef. I've had Italian Beef in other places, even just outside the Chicagoland area, and it's all terrible. It's insulting. Thankfully, I can just step out on the street in downtown Chicago and immediately have seven different delicious Italian Beef options. Pro tips: Get some type of...

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For those of you counting calories, here is a great visual. For those not counting calories, may I offer you this:

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