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There really isn't much more to Life than Golf & Tacos.  Actually it's kind of our thing (and a lifestyle).  But did you know it's actually a Love Story?  Well now you do.  Check out our animated short story called the "The Greatest Taco Stand".  It's a beautiful story about a Father & Son & Golf & Tacos...doesn't seem like it could get any better.  I guess you'll just have to watch. Hope you Love It!  Because Golf & Tacos is actually a Love Story. And like with Life & Golf & Tacos it's always better with friends, So Please Share......

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First of All, How is this Holiday not more publicized?!? So It looks like October 4th is probably the Greatest Day in the History of The Earth and pretty much the Greatest Day of the Year.  While there are many Great days to choose from on the calendar (Most noteworthy days like Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, maybe Your birthday, etc...) Nothing and I mean NOTHING packs a punch like October 4th.  Furthermore this happens EVERY YEAR.  Queue the List of National Days for October 4th: Taco Day Vodka Day Golf Lover's Day And MIND BLOWN. So probably the...

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