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Summer Lovin (hands up if the phrase "Had Me a Blast" was uttered out of your mouth next?) US Open & Father's Day Weekend is Here and we got an absolute treat from Golf Magazine and  SJ Tees were featured in a Best Summer Fashion/Style story in the July Issue of Golf Magazine. BOOM! Some of their favorites were front/center (see blog image) and we couldn't be more Excited!  So pick up the latest issue (if you don't already get it delivered via home/digital) to check it out.  Let The Summer Begin! The Golf Magazine Line Up.  Gear Up...

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The Open is Coming, Tiger is Coming! Tiger is Ready to Party in The Hamptons. US Open Week is just about upon us and what else could make US Open Week more complete than with more Tiger News. The Golf World has been abuzz this week with reports surfacing that Tiger Woods has parked his 100 Foot+/$20 Million Yacht off the coast in Montauck NY and plans to stay there during his US Open week at Shinnecock Hills.  I for one don't blame him. Who the hell wants to deal with Summer traffic in the Hamptons!?! Trust me, it's a...

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