Affiliate Program


What is the SwingJuice Affiliate Program?
The SwingJuice Affiliate Program allows approved partners to promote the SwingJuice website/products and earn a commission on each sale that’s generated by placing SwingJuice banners, links, etc. that are specifically tracked to your traffic. When a consumer clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase on our site, our third-party tracking platform tracks the code and calculates the appropriate commission with real-time reporting.

What platform do you work with for the program?
The SwingJuice Affiliate Program utilizes the Impact platform, which you can access and sign up at below if you do not already have an account. You will have access to banners, text links and customized reporting within the platform and receive your monthly earnings.

How much can I earn promoting SwingJuice?
Our commission rates can vary depending on how you’re sending traffic, but we start partners with a generous payout of 20% on every net sale generated with a 30-day cookie duration. The amount you earn will depend on how much engagement and traffic to our site you can generate. Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis.

Can I promote specific products and pages on your site?
Yes. Our programs are set up to allow partners to direct traffic to any of the products and pages on our site. The system is set up within our tracking platform to allow you to easily pull the links and assets needed. If you’re looking to promote an item or page that you don’t see, you can reach out to our marketing team through the platform or via email and make a request.

How will I know which products are new or trending?
Once you’re a part of the SwingJuice Affiliate Program, our team will send regular updates via email to keep you up-to-date on what’s new with the program along with additional information that will help you be successful in promoting our apparel.

What type of marketing are allowed?
Sports-related content sites, blogs, media buyers and social media marketers with an engaged audience are just some of the successful types of placements we look for. We’re open to discussing all relevant marketing opportunities so contact us if you think there could be a fit.

What marketing methods are not allowed?
The following forms of traffic are NOT allowed.

  • We do not allow trademark bidding. Restricted keywords and any variations can be found within the Impact platform.
  • We do not allow direct linking.
  • We do not allow toolbar extensions.
  • We do not allow email marketing without prior consent. All partners must be Can-SPAM compliant and must contact us prior to running WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Any partner that does not reach out first is in violation of our terms and conditions and the traffic will not be payable.

How do I get started?
To get started with the SwingJuice Affiliate Program, please start the application process using the “Join Now” button below. Our team will review the application and get back to you ASAP.