The Air Jordan 1 GOLF Shoe

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The Air Jordan 1 GOLF Shoe

True, there's a Swing Juice GOAT shirt (find it here), but let's be honest, there's only one GOAT. That's MJ himself. If you don't agree, you're wrong. Jordan over Tiger, or Brady, all day. It's dumb we're even having this discussion. Tom Brady didn't revolutionize the world of sneaker endorsements nor pave the way for professional athletes to make so much money they become Tiger Woods. Without MJ, you have no Tiger. Anyway, Nike did the world a favor and released a very significant version of the OG Jordan 1 shoe...for golf. True, high-tops have been around a minute in golf, but these...these are the Jordan 1's, you guys. Before you start crying about how the Tiger/Free sole kills the lines of the shoe, just stop it. It needs to be a functional golf shoe too. As far as I'm concerned, this shoe is definitely a bold statement a bit of a circus, and it's flat out amazing. If I see someone wearing these on the course, I don't care if they shoot 207, I'm still saluting them and tipping my cap. Read my review at Jordan1-2

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