Far Hills, NJ... we have a problem.

The long standing turf war between the USGA and whomever plays in the U.S Open is starting to rear its ugly head again.  Pebble Beach hosts this years U.S Open and if you listen to most tour pro's then you would think the USGA is ready to destroy their national open.

The rules makers-

The USGA has always prided itself on being the most laborious test of golf.  Knee high rough, dehydration, the massacre at winged foot, Phil hitting a moving get the picture.  The USGA prides itself on trying to keep the score at even par (made harder and harder with today's technology) and they do everything they can to hold fast to that principle.  If the USGA can find something to make a course play harder and possibly unfair, they have tried it.  Don't believe me?  Just ask the guys that play it.

Enter the tour pros.

The multimillionaires who play a game that us Amateurs are not familiar with.  Tour pro's are catered to from the time they enter the parking lot with their rental cars to the food they eat to the premium range balls.  One would think that they are content and lead a pretty good life.  The whining and complaining does not come out until you bring up the USGA.  Rory McIlroy said. “We should give them the chance to redeem themselves. If they can't redeem themselves at Pebble Beach, then there could be a problem.”  Really?  I know a ton of tour pros who would gladly take your sport RORS.  Phil Mickelson said “I've played, what, 29 U.S. Opens. One hundred percent of time they have messed it up if it doesn't rain."  Nothing screams sore loser like a 6 time runner up.  Instead of blaming his play he blames the course set up.  I'm pretty sure every single golfer plays the same course.  And not for nothing Phil, but the course set up had nothing to do with you hitting driver wide left on the last hole at Winged Foot into a garbage can.

The bottom line is the USGA is a thorn in the side of the ornery, prickly tour pro.  My opinion?  I think the USGA doesn't mind it.  I think the tour pro's who complain have already lost.  I think par is relative and unimportant.  I also think mulligans should be given on first holes at will so what the hell do I know?


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