The Begin Again Foundation

Based out of Virginia Beach, The Begin Again Foundation has several key initiatives. They have teamed up with CHKD’s Social Work Department to help patient families with uninsured expenses. They have currently served more than 2,000 CHKD patient families and continue to work to find ways to meet the needs of our community. Begin Again has partnered with local homeless shelters to deliver monthly shipments of safe, organic pads, new underwear and feminine wipes in an effort to protect local women against Toxic Shock Syndrome.

On a more national level, our LEISHLine Financial Aid Fund awards one-time $1,000 grants and resources to Sepsis, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and Toxic Shock Syndrome survivors across the country. Finally, Begin Again is on a mission to continue educating the public on symptoms to look for in cases that might be Sepsis. 

The Begin Again Foundation was born in 2015, shortly after founder Audrey Leishman, wife of five-time PGA TOUR winner, Marc Leishman, recovered from a very near-fatal illness from Toxic Shock Syndrome and Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SwingJuice wanted to support the Leishman’s efforts so we partnered up with them to create a couple of designs, based off of Marc’s interests in landscape management and fine lagers. These designs launched in September of 2020, Sepsis Awareness Month, and a donation was made to the Begin Again Foundation in honor of the Leishmans. 

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