The New Season of Golf.Show with a Surprise!

The New Season of Golf.Show with a Surprise!

Have you heard about the most fun filled, action packed and wildly entertaining Live Golf Lifestyle Show on the planet?? Well now you have. Last year was the 1st season of the incredibly innovative Facebook Live ShowGolf.Showhosted by the super talented Matty Blake and the stunning Rachel Seeker. I was lucky enough to be asked to make an appearance for an episode(watch Here)and had an absolute blast. Season 1 was a great success. Well Season 2 has just begun and guess who they tapped to Co-Host with them?? You guessed it, your's truly will be the 3rd wheel on the panel to discuss weekly Golf & Lifestyle topics coming at you LIVE each week on Facebook Tuesday's (most week's, sometimes there could be a schedule change) at 11am. I am super excited for the opportunity and looking forward to another great season. If you haven't seen the show yet, like the Golf.Show page and you'll be able to watch each episode on both the Golf.Show page and on the Swing Juice Facebook Page as well. Get caught up on the New Season below and see you next week! Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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