Review: Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood

Review: Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood

Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood

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The Highlights:

  • Based on Dustin Johnson's Tour only black Itsy Bitsy Spider putter
  • Pure Roll insert designed to increase topspin and improve forward roll across varying surfaces
  • Removed sightline for clean alignment
  • Previously "Tour Only" slant neck - has toe hang
  • Firm feel for an insert
  • Black shaft, grip, and head for sick murdered out look
Find theCallaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood HERE. Epic_Fairway_Wood-5

The Vibe:

Looks, sound, and feel. Epic_Fairway_Wood-3

On Course:

Performance Epic_Fairway_Wood-2

The Verdict:

Conclusion The Verdict: Short Summary

The Aftershow:

The Aftershow is where we talk about aspects of the equipment that's of interest but didn't necessarily make the review.   [carousel]
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