Requiem for a Golf Season

Requiem for a Golf Season

"It's like the mist is pretty, ya know?  The gold and silver.  To bad it can't stay like that all the time." Nothing gold can stay And just like that golf season is over.  If you live in the southeast or southwest please don't rub it in.  For us in the north, it's dead and gone.  We loved it while it lasted but in the end, ashes to ashes and dust to dust. I remember the promise at the end of last winter.  I was on the course before the all the snow had melted in the woods.  The ground was soft and the air was crisp. 


The scores were high but I didn't care.  I had the beginning of longer days, I had birdies to make, pars to save and most importantly I had hope. The Masters came and went.  Patrick Reed won and I cursed him for not letting Rickie bask in the glory of his first major on a late April night in Georgia.  Work got busier, outside sports for children started and golf once again took a backseat. The summer started with promise.  Scores dropped and I played until dusk often.  I rode and I walked.  Brooks Koepka and Francesco Molinari stole the summer from Tiger.  I played in heat and in rain, lots of rain.  The courses never dried up, the rain never stopped. Fall showed up quickly.  I don't remember inviting it in, but there it was.  I played a lot of golf. 


Tiger won again for the 80th time.  It was the best of times.  But it gets cold in the mountains.  The wind whips, the winter hats come out and you don't play without gloves.  Here and there a day would pop up with beautiful weather but obligations would take over and then the day would be gone. I had big plans.  I had my clubs ready.  I had been practicing my swing and putting in my golf room.  I saw the sun, I had the day free and I had the course to myself.  Then just like life, it hit me out of no where.  It was Tyson knocking out Berbick and it hurt just as bad.  The snow started lightly and I thought it would pass.  The wind kicked up and it was blowing sideways. 


I played through as long as I could.  I fought valiantly, but in the end like always, mother nature won. I'm inside now.  Golf is on T.V.  Golf is always on T.V.  Some days I look outside and the sun is shining but then I look at the temperature and common sense gets the best of me. Someday soon the snow covering my course and all the courses around will be gone.  I'll wake up one morning and the course will be open.  I'll hit a good drive and it will plug in the fairway.  I'll leave the flag stick in to putt like Bryson and maybe the COR of the fiberglass will help me make a putt, or maybe it won't.  I'll try to savor every round, but I'm not a tour player and I cannot chase the endless summer.  So more than likely I'll lament the fact that I live in a town with an abbreviated golf season and the snow will be back on the ground again. Wear this shirt so you feel like it's summer year round.


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