Regular Guy Reviews: Taylormade M1 Driver

Regular Guy Reviews: Taylormade M1 Driver

Our Regular Guy Reviews the Taylormade M1 Driver

The Taylormade lineup of drivers are some of the hottest selling drivers to us Regular Guys. Why? Because we see them all over TV in the hands of players like DJ, Jason Day, and even Rory McIlroy. But just because the Tour pros are playing one, does it mean it's the right club for you? No Follow - rel="nofollow" Find theTaylorMade M1 DriverHERE. Joe Pro‰Ûªs Original Review



The Vibe:

Right off of the bat, the M1 stands out. The half-white, half-carbon fiber head is noticeable by anyone who knows anything about golf equipment, and it fills our TV screens over the weekend. Props to Taylormade for creating a driver that looks sweet, and is that recognizable on TV every week. The head shape is a little on the larger end for my linking, but for some of us regular guys, larger = more confidence and "longer" drives. To each their own. The sound off of the M1 isn't extremely loud like Taylormade drivers of the past, but still has enough "crack" to make you feel good after a well struck drive. The carbon fiber head makes the club feel light and fast through the swing, and really makes you feel like you can punish the ball off of the tee.



On Course:

Taylormade consistently has some of the hottest faces and longest drivers on the market. The M1 is no exception to that. The M1 also has three different adjustment options: loft, as well as draw/fade and high/low ball flight via the T-Track adjustment system. For us Regular Guys, we can't always get out and practice, so this can help us tune our driver to find the center of the club face a whole lot easier. Buyer beware, however, too much tinkering can lead to a whole new set of problems. Once you have found your setup, similar to Joe Pro in his review, this one of the longest drivers on the market. The light weight and the hot face make for some absolute monsters off of the tee. My ball seemed to just keep on going. The one drawback of the M1, which is key for us Regular Guys, was the forgiveness in this driver. It's not so much a loss of distance on off center shots, but because of the hot face, my misses were way off line. This has been standard for me with Taylormade drivers, and one reason why one hasn't made it into my bag in quite some time. But, for more consistent drivers than myself, the Taylormade could provide some huge payoffs in additional yardage.



The Verdict:

The price tag of drivers keeps on climbing, and at $500, the M1 is towards the top of that list. With that extra cash, however, you get an incredibly sleek looking driver with crazy long distance. I think the M1 is definitely a big step up from Taylormade's 2016 driver lineup, and is definitely worth taking a look at (and this is coming from a guy who doesn't usually see the year over year improvements from Taylormade). My Verdict: Extremely long off of the tee. Somewhat forgiving for a Regular Guy, but your misses can get way off line due to the hot face. Incredible looking driver. Make sure to give it a whirl when looking at all of the awesome drivers that 2017 has brought us. As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you.
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