Regular Guy Reviews: Cobra King LTD Driver

Regular Guy Reviews: Cobra King LTD Driver

Our Regular Guy Reviews the Cobra King LTD Driver

If you think the Cobra King LTD driver looks familiar, it's because you probably have seen it before, with a slightly different paint job. Cobra has brought back the King LTD for a second straight year, this time with an all black paint job. Find the Cobra King LTD Black Driver HERE. The original black and orange paint scheme is HERE. Joe Pro‰'s Original Review


The Vibe:

Let's start with the looks. The original LTD was one of the cooler looking drivers released last year, and the newer model improves on that. The flat black crown and the all black paint makes this club look downright badass. It doesn't have the massive appearance behind the ball that you can get with drivers nowadays, and the subtle Cobra logo for the alignment aid gets the job done without being overly distracting. The sound on this driver is also a huge plus for me. It doesn't have that loud aluminum sound we all know and don't love, but has a much more solid sound when struck well. I will say that when us average guys do strike it a bit high on the face, however, it will let you know with a much louder "cracking" sound. The overall feel of the driver is very balanced and smooth, and with the right shaft, seems to be the perfect weight. I know many of us Average Joe golfers like a lighter feeling club so we can swing for the fences, but the LTD kept me grounded and swinging smoothly.


On Course:

The King LTD was one of the top three drivers on my list for last season, and for good reason. The distance was the second longest driver that I hit, and offered the best combination of accuracy and distance. When paired with the right shaft, I got a nice, high ball flight with tons of carry. We all know us regular guys aren't hitting the center of the face every time, but the LTD also gave a fair amount of forgiveness as well. Shots towards the heel lose very little distance (although it's going to go right!), but shots off the toe gave me the most distance loss. Again, when paired with the right shaft, it's a long and consistent bomber, and is fighting for a spot in my bag for this year.


The Verdict:

The Cobra LTD Driver is back again with an even badder paint job. Clearly the performance of last year's model didn't need any updates, nor should it. This is one of the longest and most consistent drivers in the game, and is worth a look from anyone searching for a new driver. All I have to say is, "bravo Cobra". My Verdict: This is a real challenger in my bag yet again this year. It's hard to beat the distance and consistency that the LTD brings to the table. It'll be in the final showdown for a spot in my bag, and you should give it a run at your current gamer as well.
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