Regular Guy Reviews: Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons

Regular Guy Reviews: Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons

Our Regular Guy Reviews the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a "club ho". While my game doesn't exhibit anything overly impressive (hence being "The Regular Guy"), I always like having something shiny and new in the bag. Now, irons are usually the least-frequently changed club in my bag, but I'm always open to possible changes. Bring on the Steelhead XR Pro irons from Callaway, the "player's" version of the Steelhead XR irons from Callaway. Being an average guy with an average iron game, anything "pro" or "player's club" in the iron department gives me a bit of anxiety, but I was excited to try these out, with all of the great new stuff coming out of the Callaway shop these days. You can find the Steelhead XR Pro's HERE. See Joe Pro's review here. Steelhead_XR_Pro-8

The Vibe:

As I've mentioned in other reviews, I like buying gear that looks sweet in the bag, but I need it to perform on the course. Enter the Steelhead XR Pro. I'm a sucker for a black finish on any club, but boy do these look good. The only downside, is it will most certainly fade over time, and begin to look worn. The good news? I can just buy something else when I get to that point! In terms of head size, the Steelhead XR Pro weren't the most intimidating clubs I've played, but they didn't look like a super game improvement iron either. I would say the size of the club head doesn't necessarily instill overwhelming confidence for an everyday hack like myself, but it also didn't strike fear in my heart either. Like Joe mentioned in his review, I would say that if you're looking for a club in between a player's club and a game improvement iron, this club would fit that range. Steelhead_XR_Pro-4

On Course:

The on-course test of the Steelhead XR Pros matched their looks in my bag. I'm not a guy who is out there trying to "cut the ball over that bunker" or "play a nice baby draw into that back left tucked pin." I just hope to hit the ball straight at the target I'm aiming at. These irons did just that. While I'm sure there is plenty of workability for a lower handicap, the Steelheads did exactly what I hoped they would: fly high, straight, and far. Similar to Joe Pro, I also found the most pleasant surprise in these irons to be in the long irons. For a traditional player's club, they were long and straight, and I didn't dread hitting them like I have with other similar sets that I have used. The short clubs provided me with the control I'd expect from a player's club. I'm not saying I would spin them back like the pros, but my shorter irons stopped quickly on the greens. Steelhead_XR_Pro-10

The Verdict:

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how the Steelheads performed for me. While I've played a few player's irons in the past, these were up there on the list for me. The overall feel of the irons was better than I expected compared to previous Callaway offerings I have hit, and I would consider putting these head to head with my current gamers. My Verdict: A buddy of mine always says you have to "look good, feel good, play good." I think the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro irons do just that.
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