Leave the Pin In Interviews Jimmie James (Played all Golf Digests Top 100 Courses in One Year)

Leave the Pin In Interviews Jimmie James (Played all Golf Digests Top 100 Courses in One Year)

Sometimes when you’re trying to describe something as amazing as what Jimmie James has accomplished it is better to be succinct and let everyone else fill in the details.  “Hello, I'm Jimmie James.  I recently retired and began a one year quest to play the Top 100 Golf Courses in the Country.  I started to play golf 13 years ago.  My quest was not the result of years of planning.  I am building it as I go, with the help of many people that I'm meeting along the way”  That quest, that Jimmie referred to is a pipe dream for most people.  Jimmie is the type of man who does what he says and someone whose word still means something.  Over email conversations I have gotten to know a man of integrity who has an innate love of the game.  He shines, in a humble way, when asked about his trek.  Jimmie is also the type of guy who would tell you he played some decent golf courses without a sense of bragging or entitlement.  I interviewed Jimmie a while back and felt that with summer fast approaching and golfers starting to ramp up their playing schedule, this would be a fine time to take you inside the man featured in various golf publications for playing the Golf Digest top 100 courses within a year.


Leave the Pin In-Can you talk about some of the best experiences you had while at the golf clubs?

Jimmie James-Great time talking with members at Old Sandwich and The Golf Club at Black Rock.  Enjoyed talking with locker room staff at several clubs including Winged Foot and Somerset Hills and Merion.  Lunch at Augusta National was special.

What course had the best 19th hole? 

Ben's Porch at Sand Hills, Kinloch has an actual 19th hole that is a par three over water.

What course had the best pro shop? 

Pebble Beach, large and lots of variety of merchandise.

What was the most expensive item you bought from a course?

A sweater for my wife at Augusta National and at Pebble Beach. For me I only purchased a cap and a ball mark. They averaged $30 and $12 each.

How many total balls did you lose over the course of the 100 courses?

Didn’t keep track but probably around 15 to 20 mostly in water.

Did you have any equipment issues over the course of the trip?


In planning a trip like yours what was the biggest logistical nightmare? 

Power outage at ATL the night before my flight to SFO to play Olmpic Club and Mayacama.  Had to rearrange rounds.

What were a few of the amazing meals you ate at the courses?

Pimento Cheese sandwich at Augusta National, Burger Dog at Olypmic Club, Grilled Burger on Ben's Porch at Sand HIlls, Strawberry Shake at Muirfield Village, Castle Pines, and The Quarry at LaQuinta.

Did you meet anyone unexpected during the course of this trip?

Yes too numerous to put here but read my blogs on the Golf Club , Murifield village and Spring Hills (Jimmies blog can be found here…note, it is expansive and amazing https://www.jimmiestop100golfcoursetour.com/)

Do you like to listen to music while you play and if so what is it your listening to?

I do but only got to do it at Pikewood National and Golf Club at Blackrock

Outside of golf, what are some of your favorite hobbies? 

Photography, chess, and travel

I know you have house on Kiawah.  Do you ever go to the Mingo point BBQ and Oyster Roast?  

Yes, my family has been several times. We love watching the sunset there.

Highest score/lowest score during the trip.

105 at Pikewood National

A course that is overrated and one that is underrated? (not sure if you want to answer this one)  

Overrated - Pebble Beach, course is in poor condition and takes too long to play.  Under rated - Somerset HIlls

Who did you meet that was a member of the most courses? 

Jimmy Dunne

Did you walk every round? 

Walked 90, used caddied on all but five

Do you have any plans for future massive undertakings such as this?  2nd 100 courses? Play every day for a year? etc...

NO, will play top 100 in the world over time and second 100 over time.

You just become the head of USGA/R&A.  What are 3 changes you would make? 

From 50 yards or further off the green the pin is a part of the hole.  If you hit the pin it counts as a hole out.  Rounds must be play in under 3 hours, 1 mulligan per round.

What’s if your bag?

Callaway Epic Driver,  Razor Clubs SW-AW-PW-9-8-7-6-5, 3W, Nike LW, Callaway 3h, 5h, Odysey White Hot Putter

Coolest artifact you got to see during the trip?

Plague for Ben Honor 1 iron shot at Merion, Clubs donated my Masters Winners at Augusta National

At any point in time during the year did you think you wouldn't accomplish the goal?


Worst shot you've ever hit?

Too many to name

Best shot you've ever hit? 

Pitching Wedge through small opening in trees from 123 away to 3 feet next to flag.  made birdie.

Do you collect anything? 

Hats, Ball Markers, Yardage Books, Scorecards

What is your exercise routine like?

I like to walk my rounds

One meal left, what is it?

Not big on food.  Only eat because I would die if I didn't

Favorite dessert? 

Cherry Cheese pie and Key Lime pie

Do you have any pets?

Family pet is a Portuguese water dog

How many rounds on average do you play a year?  Is it a walking or riding facility?  What is your opinion on golf carts compared to walking?

I average 80 rounds per year, I walk almost all of them.  I prefer walking for the exercise, appreciating the course and maintaining my tempo during the round.  Hate jumping in and out of carts.  I think everyone is allowed to make the choice on carts or walking depending on their own preference.

What is your best round?

During my quest it was a 74 at Monterey Peninsula

Do you belong to a golf club or do you prefer to play random courses?

I belong to several clubs

Do you have a set of fully pimped out customized clubs and if so what's in the bag?

Not sure what pimped out means.  My clubs are custom due to my height.  I'm 6'4"

What is your greatest memory related to golf?

Playing the Old Course at St. Andrews with three locals and going to their club afterwards

Please take the time to read Jimmies Blog over at https://www.jimmiestop100golfcoursetour.com/  Bookmark this page and save it to read over time, you'll thank me for it.

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