Introducing Swing Juice Mike - Our Regular Guy

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Introducing Swing Juice Mike - Our Regular Guy

You spoke, we listened. When we recently put out the call for input on what our equipment reviews should look like on Swing Juice there was an overwhelming response that our fans wanted to hear how equipment performs for the average joe. Seeing as we already have a Joe on staff, I reached out to my good buddy "Boston Mike" and asked him if he'd want to help us out. Mike accepted and I re-named him "Swing Juice Mike" to help out with reviews from the perspective of the "average golfer". Mike is just the regular guy you're looking for. He's somewhat athletic still as he's exiting his glory years, is obsessed with golf since it's easier on his body than fast-paced sports, follows the industry, has never broken 80 (I demand a recount), and doesn't drive the ball 300 yards. Don't get me wrong, Mike can get around the course with some good shots but no one's course records are at risk anytime soon. Hopefully Mike can share some fun and useful insight into the equipment we review for the more recreational players in our audience. Keep an eye out for posts from Our Regular Guy coming soon!

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