Introducing Joe Pro

Introducing Joe Pro

As Swing Juice continues to evolve, we want to create more of a global reach in the golf community and give our readers a wider range of content on our site. After listening to valuable, some being fairly ‰ÛÏinteresting‰Û, we‰Ûªve decided to start a new equipment review area on Never one to be like everyone else, we‰Ûªre going to do our best to provide good insight into the latest sick gear on the market while finding a way to make it fun and different from everyone else.

To help with Swing Juice equipment reviews, I‰Ûªd like to introduce the newest staff contributor, "Joe Pro".

Joe Pro, or Joseph "Joey" Pro, is a former professional golfer, and close friend of Swing Juice, that tried his luck on the pro circuits both in America and overseas before heading back to the States to hang up the sticks and pursue a career away from the golf course. While no longer playing professionally, Joe Pro is still actively involved in the golf industry and is still easily one of the best players I know. Aside from being decent at golf,Joe Pro knows his gear and will be happy to finally have a place where someone else may actually pay attention to him.

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