Have a Drink Friday - Revolution Straight Jacket

Have a Drink Friday - Revolution Straight Jacket

The original version of Revolution's Straight Jacket was a barley wine ale aged in one Jack Daniels barrel and one Heaven Hill Rye whiskey barrel which resulted in a complex beer that wasn't for the faint of heart. While I'm not claiming any knowledge of what barrels they're using now (I know they switched to Woodford Reserve around 2012, don't know if they've stuck with them), but I've been fortunate enough to have three different versions of Straight Jacket. So far I've enjoyed the 2016 bottle release, the 2014 bottle release, and then 2017 on Nitrous which has been mind blowing (the tap's still pouring at my local establishment).

A lot of people were telling me this barley wine from Revolution was overrated, but they are gravely mistaken. In fact, I would go so far as to say this might be one of my favorites I've ever had. If you come across this limited release anywhere, definitely pick it up. Just be aware that it's in the "comfortably over 10% ABV" club.

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