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Have a Drink Friday - Rabbit Hole Brewing Mike Modano's 561 Kolsch-style Beer

I was sitting at my computer thinking about what this week's #HADF should be.  Believe it or not, I was drawing some serious blanks.  Finally I thought of good friend to Swing Juice, American legend, best flow to ever play the game, jersey breezing down the center of the sheet hockey hero, Mike Modano. Mike Modano and Rabbit Hole Brewing teamed up awhile ago to make a Kolsch-style beer that is a "clean, crisp, yet deceptively complex brew which features a delicate balance between soft malt and a subtle fruity hoppiness."  I have yet to have it myself, but if Mikey Mo's name is on it, I'm in.  My only question to Mo is, "what does J.R. think of your beer?" This video from Rabbit Hole will give you a Beerdumacation about Mike Modano’s 561 Kolsch-style Beer.

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