Have a Drink Friday - Pepsi Clear

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Have a Drink Friday - Pepsi Clear

If you are over 30 like the Swing Juice crew, you definitely remember the GOAT. No, I don't mean Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, I'm talking about Crystal Pepsi. I just remember being a kid and having this clear Pepsi at my aunt's house circa 1992, and for whatever reason, thinking it was absolutely magical. I mean, it tasted like regular Pepsi, but it was frigging clear!!! Well, I felt all sorts of childhood emotions come rushing through me when I was standing in line at my local grocery store the other day only to see this bottle of Crystal Pepsi staring back at me from the cooler. No questions asked...purchased. The only more visceral and nostalgic reaction I've recently had that may have been greater than this was finding Hi-C Ecto Cooler at the same store months ago. I'll save that story for another day.

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