Golf is Everywhere

Golf is Everywhere

I live in Pennsylvania for just about 9 months out of the year.  I live in North Carolina for June/July and most of August.  Truth be told I would love it to be the other way around but that is not in the cards as of yet.  No matter where I reside, I, like you, probably base a lot of my decisions around golf.  Golf influences how I socialize, how I dress and most certainly how I interact with people.  I have had the pleasure of being able to see Golf seep into different realms of social consciousness.  I have seen little kids at mini golf courses putting to win the Masters.  I have seen adults describe business casual as "You know like on a Golf Course".  Golf is pervasive.

Today I took Golf nerddome to a new level.  I mentioned I live in N.C for most of the summer months.  I do this not to gloat but to give you the understanding that I live in a beach town, on a beach, that is very golfer friendly.  Your mind probably just went to me hitting "bunker" shots with a wedge on a beach somewhere.  You could not be further off.  Today I brought my putter with me to the beach.  My beach shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.  My beach is smooth and handpicked like the San Diego shoreline (minus the people) and probably runs about a 9-10 on the stimpmeter.  The beach is never that crowded and people are always playing different types of "beach games".  Today, beach putting was added.  An elderly couple asked me if I played golf.  I told them yes.  A few kids wanted to try their hand at my guest kids.  Some strange looks were given by the tourists but the locals know where it's at.  There are multiple courses in my area...hell, as I type this I'm overlooking the 10th hole of one of them.  The dress code is laid back.  Keep your bathing suit on, but nothing more than that is needed.

Beach putting allows you to stay in touch with the game in a setting that can't be beat.  You need to judge the wind, the incoming tide and sometimes the wildlife that want to take your ball.  Par is irrelevant and you can make the holes as long and as short as you wish.  The rules are yours to decide.  Of course, like with anything there are drawbacks.  The sand gets everywhere and the salt will corrode everything.  I don't expect to see that custom Bettinardi or the Scotty being brought out but an old beater works just fine.

Click on our Golf in the USA shirt above to wear your golf nerddome with pride.  Golf can be played anywhere.

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