BREAKING: SJ Tees Now Available at PGA Tour Superstores!

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BREAKING: SJ Tees Now Available at PGA Tour Superstores!

(THE SOUND OF A DRUM ROLL IS PLAYING) Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls the BIG Announcement is Finally Here (and maybe our Biggest yet)! SJ Tees are Now Available at PGA Tour Superstores!! We are Super Excited about this Partnership with the PGA Tour Superstores because it's part of our continued effort to bring SJ gear to the Masses while we build the brand.  SJ Tees are currently in the locations below with more to come, so Swing on By and grab some of your favorites (and of course tell All of your Friends which will almost certainly gain you even more friends...well probably).  Furthermore, as we add more locations throughout the year we will let you know (Sign Up for Our Newsletter) and as a result keeping you informed on any In Store Events, Promo's, etc. Finally, This is another Tremendous step for the SJ Brand and Most of All Thanks so much again for the continued Support!! Locations: Myrtle Beach, SC Bluffton, SC Roswell, GA Orlando, FL Scottsdale, AZ Downers Grove, IL Westbury, NY Delray Beach, FL

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