You Had Me at Golf & Tacos

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You Had Me at Golf & Tacos

First of All, if you've followed us for any length of time, you will certainly know that Golf & Tacos is our Thing!  I mean seriously, can you think of a better combination?  Maybe not.  There are a Million ways to Sunday to make a great Taco, so when I stumbled upon this recipe for Crispy Pork Belly tacos with Pico de Gallo from Food & Wine Magazine I almost fell off my golf cart.  Give this Recipe a whirl next time you host Taco night.  Furthermore, if you've never tried Pork Belly before (what is wrong with you?!?) here is your perfect excuse.  You are so very welcome (please report back with the results). Speaking of Golf & Tacos, as always SJ Super fan @jessanashville looks good in an SJ tee no matter what flavor.

Grab one HERE!

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