We're All Worried About Tiger Woods

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We're All Worried About Tiger Woods

There are a million things to discuss with the recent news of Tiger's DUI and the circumstances surrounding it. As the latest details broke this morning about what really happened, his statement, etc. the whole thing got a lot more sad. Tiger is clearly in a really bad place that's very scary and needs proper professional attention, and not just a bunch of "yes men" going along for the ride. I was watching Morning Drive this morning before I left for work and I thought Rich Lerner approached the topic very well and made a point that his story is starting to reflect those of other celebrities with pain pill addictions/problems like Prince and Michael Jackson. He also went on to say that the narrative shouldn't be about his golf or return to golf, but rather about him getting healthy both physically and mentally. Like all of us, Lerner is very concerned about Tiger the man and just wants him to be safe and healthy for himself and for his family. Golf should be a complete afterthought at this point. For more of the recent details on the police report, check out Golf Digest's article here.

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