The MATCH!!!

The MATCH!!!

The Match is almost here. Let's review what we know already. 1-Phil and Tiger have wayyy to much money to begin with. 2-Shadow Creek is not a course you are going to play unless you stay at an MGM property, drop $500 for the round and another $100 or so for a caddie.  The good news is, you will be picked up in a limo from MGM and taken to the property. 3-They are not playing for their own money (Imagine if they had to each pony up $4.5 mil in cash carried around by their cronies). 4-This is the first Golf PPV match. 5-The Match will take place the Friday after Thanksgiving at 3pm EST and Noon local time. 6-In match wages will be made between The Goat and The Lefty.  We can only hope that Phil the Thrill gambles on PPV like he does in real life. 7-Seems like Phil has been planning Tiger's demise for quite some time . 8-There will be no fans present at Shadow Creek.  Not sure the rational behind this.  Maybe they don't want hungover Las Vegan's ruining the PPV vibe. 9-Everyone will be Mic'd up, including caddies.  This is going to make for some great banter and phenomenal insight into how the player/caddie relationship develops over the course of the round. 10-Other pro golfers could care less and will not be watching.  I am sure this is out jealousy that they were not asked to play 18 holes in what amounts to a winning lottery payout.  Rory McIlory has been throwing shade non stop at these two golf behemoths.   Whatever you think of The Match, odds are you'll be watching.  I'll be huddled around the T.V. hoping for some fireworks on black Friday. Watch in comfort and watch in style with our "The Match" soft T-Shirt.

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