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How did SJ Begin?? I joined the G & E Magazine Podcast to talk shop

I'm sure you have been wondering, How did the SJ Brand begin? I joined the G & E Magazine Podcast a few weeks back hosted by my man Ryan Walker (that's me in the above pic with MLB Legend Luis Tiant, not Ryan...sorry Ryan) to talk all things SJ (Past, Present, and Future).  We dove into the crazy world of Entrepreneurship (why in the world are we doing this lol) and overall had a great conversation about Golf, Business, and Life. I can't Thank Ryan enough for having me on, it was truly a pleasure. If you haven't listened to the G & E Podcast, I HIGHLY recommend that you like, subscribe, and tune in. Ryan does a tremendous job of intersecting the worlds of Golf & Business.  Follow him, you won't be disappointed. Check out my episode below, hope you enjoy. LISTEN HERE      

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