The Secret Tour Pro Interview Part 1

The Secret Tour Pro Interview Part 1

If you are involved in golf in anyway then you have heard of The Secret Tour Pro.  You read his tweets and you follow his instagram stories.  You dissect his hashtags and you hope for a glimpse of who this person really is. The secret tour pro account was started in April of 2015.  He claims to play on the European as well as PGA tours.  Some people call him a fraud and think the account is fake.  Haters lay claim to the fact that some pictures he posts are not his own (is it to throw us off the trail?)  Others claim that he has to be real because of all the inside PGA knowledge he has posted.  

His profile picture is of Adam Scott, he retweets most things about Adam must be Adam Scott.  Why in the world would Adam Scott (he of the sweetest swing) go through this trouble?  Again, The STP must be trying to throw us off his scent. To borrow an old MTV phrase, You think you know, but you have no idea. AngryGolfHulk and Swing Juice were able to catch up with @secrettourpro and he was gracious to answer all of our questions completely unfiltered.  Enjoy part 1 of this 2 part interview and let us know if you were able to pick up any clues to whom he may be.  

AngryGolfHulk-Where can you find the best food on tour?

Secret Tour Pro- The Ryder Cup Team Room.  

AGH-Where are the best groupies on tour?

STP-Anywhere in Texas  

AGH-What is the worst ruling you have ever seen giving to a player?

STP-The Lexi Thompson ruling Editors note:  During the ANA inspiration championship, a major on the LPGA tour, Lexi misplaced marking her ball on the green.  The next day a viewer emailed the tour and Lexi was handed down a 4 stroke penalty ( 2 strokes for playing a ball from an improper spot and another 2 strokes for signing an incorrect scorecard.  She would go on to lose in a sudden death playoff, costing her $150,000 and her first Major Championship)  

AGH-What is the worst cheating you've witnessed on the golf course?

STP-The worst cheating I saw was in college.  I refused to sign a dudes scorecard and he tried to fist fight me.  On the PGA tour people watch like a hawk so it's very rare.  

AGH-What is the best overall event?

STP-The Masters  

AGH-Who is the smartest player out there?

STP-Henny Stenson  

AGH-Who is the coolest player to hang out with after a round?

STP-That's going to be Rickie Fowler or Pat Perez.  

AGH-Who has the most annoying entourage?

STP-Smylie Kaufman  

AGH-How long have you been on tour?

STP-Not answering.  Cannot give any hints.  

AGH-What are your biggest pet peeves on tour?

STP-The pace of play with players reading greens, that and some people's egos.  

AGH-Best city you get to play in?


AGH-Best course conditions and the most fun course to play?

STP-Augusta for both.  

AGH-Worst course you play all year?

STP-Too tough to choose.  A lot of them suck.  Bellerieve (2018 PGA Championship) was dog shit I can attest.  

AGH-Do you feel any difference in pressure being near the top of the leaderboard?

STP-Nope, trust your swing and let the chips fall as they may.  Pressure only comes from not being prepared.  

AGH-What tournament has the best trophy?

STP-Don't care.  First place trophy $$$  

**Part two will be released next Friday.  

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Drop a comment below on who you think Secret Tour Pro might be. Keep that swing juice flowing. @AngryGolfHulk is searching the ethos for the true identity of the @secrettourpro

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