Scott Readman Concepts Putters

Scott Readman Concepts Putters

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm pretty picky about my putter, and it definitely isn't easy to crack the gamer spot in my bag. Then one day I received the Scott Readman Concepts SWC putter in the mail. Scott Readman Concepts is a small up and coming brand out of Britsol, England and I've been absolutely in love since I first came across their custom design high-end putter covers (a topic in itself for another day). The SWC putter is easily the most excited I've been about a putter in a long time and I think they are 100% worth checking out. If you haven't heard of them yet, you should. Take it from me, in the ever-increasing world of new boutique putter makers, these guys are as legit as it gets. You won't be disappointed. Read my review at Check out the Scott Readman Concepts website for more putters and accessories.


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