Review: Odyssey O-Works Putter

Review: Odyssey O-Works Putter

Odyssey O-Works Putter

Odyssey Golf - the insert kings of the putter world. Even though many other companies have thrown an insert in a putter over the years, nobody has had the consistent success in that corner of the market either on Tour or at retail like Odyssey has. The new O-Works putter line is no different and the new Microhinge insert it introduces is another classic. By combining successful elements from Odyssey's past, the O-Works putters are a winning step in the Odyssey evolution. Odyssey_OWorks-6

The Highlights:

  • Microhinge Insert Technology provides gains in topspin and roll regardless of stroke
  • Stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-molded into our Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer
  • High contrast Versa alignment - color variants based on model
  • Sole weighting and SuperStroke Countercore grip
Find Odyssey O-Works putters HERE. Odyssey_OWorks-3

The Vibe:

The Versa alignment color scheme isn't a new concept from Odyssey by any means. If memory serves, the Versa color schemes started showing up on Odyssey models somewhere between 2013 and 2014. There have been a few variations since but clearly Odyssey and its customers stand behind it. Keeping the tradition alive, Odyssey uses four different Versa implementations across the O-Works lineup: black-white-black, white-black-white, and both combinations but turned 90 like the R-Line pictured in our review. A soft feel is something that Odyssey putters have been historically known for. Some golfers are fans of that soft inert feel, and some prefer a solid clicky milled metal face. If you're anywhere near the insert camp the Odyssey O-Works putters are going to be a treat for you. Very soft feel but not dead and a lot of forgiveness. There's zero 'aftershock' in your hands when hitting the ball, especially with the stock SuperStroke grip. Odyssey_OWorks-8

On Course:

Feel and how the putter looks tend to be the biggest deal breakers with putters, but it still has to roll the ball well in order to make putts. Given Odyssey's tenure in the putter industry, it's realistic to expect they know how to make a well-engineered putter. Odyssey says this Microhinge insert makes the ball start rolling forward quicker which is a major putting characteristic that separates pros from amateurs. By rolling the ball quickly as opposed to skidding, the ball stays on its line better and will make more putts because of better accuracy. The combination of feel and quick roll made me feel very in control of the O-Works R-Line we received to test. Distance control was great and I liked how the ball tracked on its line. As far as I can tell Odyssey's claims are validated with the way I was seeing the ball roll on the green. Odyssey_OWorks-7

The Verdict:

I can make a lot of arguments that there is science to back up having a putter properly fitted to your stroke, and I firmly believe in this, but I'm realistic enough to believe most people are going to make a subjective decision based on their comfort level with a particular flat stick. I really enjoyed this putter a lot. I liked the feeling of the Microhinge insert and how I was rolling the ball with it. I will even go so far as to say that I thought the ball came off the face with a pretty perfect roll and I felt like I could make a lot more putts with it. With putting in general, having that confidence in your putter is well over half the battle so the O-Works putter checks that box for me. My Verdict: These are great putters with good feel that translates into great performance. The Microhinge technology is a subtle variable that will make you roll the ball significantly better.     [carousel]
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