Review: Cobra King F7+ Driver

Review: Cobra King F7+ Driver

Cobra King F7+ Driver

Cobra finally caught up with the rest of the top drivers in the game last season with their King LTD and King F6+ drivers.  Though the King LTD is still in the current product cycle, Rickie Fowler clearly thought high enough of the newer Cobra King F7+ driver to put it in his bag this season.


  • Adjustable sole weights for three different Center of Gravity (CG) settings
  • Multi-material TeXtreme crown (available in matte blue or black)
  • Forged TI-811 E9 Face
  • Adjustable hosel with MyFly 8 and Smartpad
  • Stock shaft: Fujikura Pro XLR8 61
  • COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, allows golfer to automatically track drives (read about it below in The Aftershow.)
Find the Cobra King F7+ HERE.


The Vibe:

First and foremost, Cobra had a pretty tough task following up their 2016 driver lineup.  Cobra's F6+ and King LTD drivers were both great with the LTD being in my top five last season. Yes, these are big shoes to fill, but the Cobra King F7+ driver did a pretty great job of meeting the challenge. The matte finish on the crown was a good change from the glossy black checkered crown of the LTD that easily scuffed, and a sleeker look than the F6+ crown. You'll still find the signature checkerboard pattern, but it pops out much less and looks to be a more durable finish. The Cobra King F7+ has a nice whack sound that lets you know when you've pured one on the face. Missed shots will sound more muffled, but the forgiving forged TI-811 E9 face is generous with its larger sweet spot. If you're looking for a solid feel in your driver with good feedback and forgiveness, the King F7+ might be as good as it gets. There's only one other driver in 2017 that I've felt can match the King F7+ in this area, but I'll let you figure that out through reading the other reviews. Overall Vibe of the Cobra King F7+ driver: an all business driver that's cool like a '65 Ford Mustang Fastback. Cobra-F7+-9

On Course:

There's a lot of adjustability in the Cobra King F7+ driver which makes tuning it to your exact needs easy enough to do.  You can adjust the CG to the front for low launching and low spinning shots, to the back for higher launching shots with more spin, or in the heel for a medium launch and a little help with drawing the ball right to left. Let's be honest, that last setting is going to be more for the slicing crowd. Based on my testing with the F7+, these adjustments work as advertised and aren't just a bunch of marketing garbage trying to sell you a club. Hats off to the Cobra design team, it's the real deal. The King F7+'s adjustability, and dialing it in, was key for my on-course success. The weight placements clearly impacted the outcome of my tee shots so getting the right weight position along with the right loft setting in the MyFly8 adapter was critically important for me to maximize my potential with this driver. Once I found the right combinations, I was hitting solid ropes with about 20-25 yards of roll out. The F7+ is also easy to control and has plenty of workability for all of you expert shot shapers out there. Cobra-F7+-1

The Verdict:

I have no doubt in my mind that Cobra is going to be one of the front runners in the driver game again this season. The big names are still going to be up there too, but the Cobra King F7+ will join the ranks along with the King LTD. My Verdict: the Cobra King F7+ driver is a pretty fierce machine with amazing feel, cool looks, and a lot of heat off the face. Cobra-F7+-7

The Aftershow:

The Aftershow is where we talk about aspects of the equipment that's of interest but didn't necessarily make the review. A significant part of Cobra's marketing push this year is the Arccos driver unit integrated into their stock grips. This unit gives golfers one of the best personal analytics tools in golf built into their club. This will allow players to measure their distances and accuracy right on their phone. According to the website, apparently there are more than 40,000 courses available so finding your local track shouldn't be too difficult. Understanding your game is crucial to being a better golfer and one of the biggest areas that separates good players from bad players. Having an analytics system built into your golf club will only help you get better by understanding your own game, and the Arccos platform is both accurate and visually appealing.  If anything else, it's just fun. Just do golfers everywhere a favor, don't get distracted by it on the course and keep pace! [carousel]
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