Regular Guy Reviews: Cobra King F7+ Driver

Regular Guy Reviews: Cobra King F7+ Driver

Our Regular Guy Reviews the Cobra King F7+ Driver

Cobra has recently stepped their game up in the driver department. While the Amp Cell and Bio Cell lines were quality clubs, last year's LTD was really something to look at (in fact, it made it in my bag and is still there). While the LTD was an awesome driver, Tour pros are even making the switch to the King F7+. Let's see how it fairs for us "regular guys". Find the Cobra King F7+ Driver HERE. Joe Pro‰'s Original Review


The Vibe:

With the original release of the LTD, Cobra went with their standard Black and Orange color scheme, ala Rickie Fowler. Fowler is their poster-boy, so I imagine they will ride that for awhile. The F7+ still offers that color scheme, but also adds a blue option to the lineup as well, which we were fortunate enough to review here at Swing Juice. In regards to looks, the matte finish was the biggest change for me. The glossy, checkerboard finish on the LTD looked cool in the sunlight, but it scratched too easily. The F7+ offers a matte crown that appeared much more durable because let's face it, us regular guys pop one up every once in awhile, which is still gonna leave a mark...such is life. They did keep the checkerboard pattern. I found the F7+ lets out a really solid sound when struck properly.  It definitely lets you hear and feel it when it's struck well. Heel and toe shots let out a much more muffled sound, while shots high off of the face seem to let out a much louder "crack". The sound from those shots higher on the face might leave you feeling like you cracked the face of the club. If you do catch one high and hear that sound, don't worry, the driver is just fine. The feel is very solid, and the forgiveness is there as well for the regular dudes. The forged TI-811 E9 face Cobra touts in the F7+ is supposed to add a larger sweet spot with more forgiveness than the F7+, and that's exactly what the weekend warrior needs. I found that balls off of the toe produced a solid ball flight without a ton of distance loss. Off of the heel, there was a little bit less forgiveness in my opinion. Overall, the F7+ is an extremely good driver in the Vibe department, and will be at the top of my list of drivers for 2017.


On Course:

The biggest performance component with this year's F7+ is the additional adjustability. The movable weights allowed me to tinker with my ball flight, depending on if you need a low spin/launch for the high-ball hitter like myself, or need to help getting the ball in the air. A third heel-heavy setup option helps promote more of a draw flight. The biggest thing for me is that like Joe Pro, these adjustments actually changed my ball flight. Thanks, Cobra. The loft adjustability from the previous Cobra models is also back in the F7+, giving you a variety of combinations to get the perfect ball flight off of the tee. Dialing the club in with the right adjustments make the F7+ that much better. While it's fun to tinker on the range, I still recommend using the help of a professional with any adjustments. As an added bonus, Cobra's partnership with Arccos Golf allows you to analyze your driver swing and stats right from your smartphone. That's a pretty damn cool bonus if you ask me.


The Verdict:

Yet again, Cobra produced another tee box monster that shouldn't be overlooked if you're searching for a new driver in 2017. While a ton of other OEMs are producing great products this year (see the other reviews for our thoughts on those!), I wouldn't skip testing out the Cobra F7+ if you're a Regular Guy like me. I would also make sure to hit the regular F7 as well which has higher loft options. My Verdict: A Cobra driver was in my bag last year, and I don't see that changing in 2017. It has the forgiveness I need, with the looks and distance to go with it.
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