PODCAST: The Europeans Do It Better

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PODCAST: The Europeans Do It Better

Is the Turnover Chain dominating the World?? In this week's Podcast episode of "Bros on Golf" powered by SJ and Brobible, Yes we briefly discuss 'The Turnover Chain" and Jason's excitement that The U is Back!  The Golf Bro's also talk about how the European Tour is absolutely KILLING it on Social Media.  If you haven't been paying attention, they are quickly becoming the Leader in the Clubhouse for overall sports content.  We also take a deep dive into the world of Golf Pranks (it's a deep dark hole...hopefully you can handle it).  In addition, we take another crack at Fantasy Golf picks (another winning lineup in the I smell a Trend??) and ponder on whether the "Get In The Hole" or "Mashed Potatoes" guy has finally been validated.  It's a Wild Ride, take a listen below.  And Thank You so much for the Support and Stay Tuned!  We have some AMAZING Guests lined up over the next several weeks so things are just starting to get ramped up.   Subscribe on iTunes   Listen Here:

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