Odd Side Ales Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale

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Odd Side Ales Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale

Sweet potatoes.  Cinnamon.  Nutmeg.  Lactose.  Rye whiskey barrels.  Put that together and you have one odd and interesting beer.  Odd Side Ales created just that with their Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale - a sweet potato-based beer aged in rye whiskey barrels.  Not gonna lie, I was fairly turned off at the thought of this beer, but my curiosity got the best of me and thank god it did.  The Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale is perfectly sweet with a tasteful hint of booze and a great cinnamon execution.  Coming in at 11%, it's a strong beer but hardly slaps you in the face with its intensity or burn.  I read a post saying this beer is a great holiday beer, and I agree, but I thoroughly enjoyed it on a cold February day.  Should you be able to hunt one of these down still, it's worth it.

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