Interview with PGA Tour Host Teryn Gregson

Interview with PGA Tour Host Teryn Gregson

There is nothing that this golf renaissance woman cannot do.  Blogger, PGA Tour Social Media Host, PGA Tour Live reporter, website designer, Alzheimer awareness advocate, golfer and wife to pro golfer Mitchell Gregson are just a few of the hats she wears on a daily basis. 

Teryn graduated from University of Missouri with a degree in broadcast journalism.  She is a diehard Mizzou and St. Louis Cardinals fan (Hulk is too.)  Trying to keep up with Teryn is like running a sprint while juggling chainsaws, which is to say it's beyond hectic.  Teryn was more than gracious to set aside a few minutes of her busy day to sit down with AngryGolfHulk and SwingJuice.  We could not be happier to learn a little more about the woman in front of the camera.  

ANGRYGOLFHULK-How did you get started in golf?

Teryn Gregson-I started playing golf at 13-years-old and played for my high school golf team. My very first job was at a golf course as a bag girl in high school and my first two years of college. Even though I went on to college to solely pursue journalism and I covered every sport under the sun for the first part of my broadcast career, I never put the game down -- playing recreationally and then dating my now husband, who is a professional golfer on the mini-tours. Golf has always unintentionally been a part of my life, so while I was working at as a digital anchor I finally got a chance to cover golf occasionally and loved it. When a job as the PGA TOUR's on-camera host opened it up it seemed like a perfect fit. Two and half years later I am still in love with what I do!  

AGH-How important is social media to you? Could you be where you are now say 10 years ago, when Social media was not as prevalent as it is today?

TG-I would most definitely still be in sports broadcasting with or without social media. As much as I enjoy using it to connect with fans, sports television was around long before social media and will be here after -- if for some reason everyone gets fed up with social media and abandons it. For the record, I don't think that will happen. If anything, social media has shaped the broadcast business into something generations before us would never have imagined.

It's a fun time to be in the media business, because it is evolving so quickly and we have the opportunity to be creative, try new things and help take television into the future. Coming up in 2019 I will report and do play-by-play for PGA TOUR LIVE broadcasts that will be streamed on the NBC Sports Gold app in the U.S. and a brand new platform called 'Golf TV' internationally. Look out for a few other fun announcements on how you can watch us next year too. Not to mention my nightly recap video 'The Takeaway' and weekly recap 'The Good, Bad & Unusual' are both digital shows and can only be seen on our PGA TOUR App, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

That would've never happened a few years ago and without social media. Social media has definitely added another layer to my job as a reporter and on-camera host. It has allowed me to keep fans up-to-date instantly and connect with them on a personal level like never before. It's also a great tool for me to keep my shows fun, fresh and give the fans a behind-the-scenes look at what our players are like off the golf course.  

AGH-How many rounds on average do you play a year? Is it a walking or riding facility? What is your opinion on golf carts compared to walking?

TG-I've never added up the number of rounds I've played in one year, but like anyone my availability to get out and play goes in ebbs and flows. During the fall and winter stretch of the PGA TOUR wrap-around season it slows down a little for me and I try to get out at least once a week. Right now it's been a bit more than that because I'm working on tweaking my swing and it hasn't been an easy process, haha. During the heart of the golf season I get so busy with my job and travel that I can go months without picking up a club.

That's something I need to work on in 2019. I do a mix of walking or riding. When the days are longer, there is nothing better than walking nine-holes at twilight and finishing up with happy hour during the week. As much as I like walking, carrying my bag for 18 holes isn't as easy as it used to be. Plus golf carts are so awesome now! Greg Norman's new carts equipped with TV's and a sound system (iPhone charger too, of course) are pretty awesome! He brought TopGolf to the course.  

AGH-What is your best round?

TG-82, I'm clearly more into having fun and being outside with friends than becoming a scratch golfer haha!  

AGH-Do you belong to a golf club or do you prefer to play random courses?

TG-I've been pretty lucky, in that most of my life I've worked in golf and had a course to play at. In high school and college that was Annbriar Golf Course in Southern Illinois, now it's TPC Sawgrass the home of the PGA TOUR headquarters. Though I only have playing privileges during a few months in the summer on the Stadium Course where the PLAYERS Championship is played, their second course 'Dye's Valley' is a brute too.  

AGH-Do you have a set of fully pimped out customized clubs and if so what's in the bag?

TG-I just got Cobra's new F9 driver and it's sweet! I also just got fitted and am waiting for my new Cobra F-Max ONE-lengths to arrive. I'm hoping they help me play just a fraction as well as Bryson DeChambeau is playing right now. I do have a custom stamped wedge that says "T-time" on it after my blog and I don't go with stock ladies. I'm a men's light flex with my swing speed, which sometimes surprises people. And of course I have my Mizzou headcover for my Alma Mater and I still use the bulldog headcover my dad got me in high school for our mascot.

AGH-What is the funniest/most interesting golf story you have to tell?

TG-The first date my husband took me on we played golf. I made three birdies in nine-holes and I think he fell for me right then and there.  

AGH-Anything you would tell your 18-20 year old self?

TG-Keep doing what you are doing, your hard work will pay off. Don't sweat the small stuff and life is going to take you places in the next ten years you wouldn't believe.

AGH-Is there anything you collect?

TG-Pin flags. I don't collect them at every course or tournament I'm at, but only the really special ones. They are a great reminder of the special moments I've had in my career or my husband and I have had together on the course.  

AGH-Favorite things to do outside of golf on off weeks or off season?

TG-Travel, read a good book, cook, go to the beach or movies, get outside and be active. I also really treasure the times I can go to church because my Sunday hours covering golf don't always allow for that.  

AGH-What is the best fan interaction you've had?

TG-My favorite interactions are with the young girls out at tournaments. Whether they are just getting into the game or are interested in pursuing golf as a career. It's really special to have an impact on someone, no matter how small.  

AGH-Where can you find the best food on tour?

TG-The Wells Fargo Championship has some of the best media food! From lobster rolls and stir fry to their assortment of desserts. I gain like five pounds each time I go to that tournament. I'm also a sucker for the Travelers Championship's cooler of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

I haven't been to the Zurich Classic, but all the golf media and employees rave about their food -- it's played in New Orleans so you can only imagine the kind of fantastic food they have there. Away from work I always enjoy going to the tournaments in Texas. Being from St. Louis, I love barbecue and they have some of the best down there. Food with a view hands down goes to San Diego. I enjoy sitting by the coast each year for dinner at the Farmer's Insurance Open.  

AGH- As someone with a long history in golf, what is the bestg advice you could give to a jr player?

TG-Don't dwell on your score too much or put too much pressure on yourself to get a golf scholarship. The game should be fun and a learning experience. I didn't have a golf scholarship in college and still made my way into the golf business. If you work hard and have a passion for the game, that's all that matters.  

AGH- Do you have an exercise routine and if so what is it like?

TG-Yoga and a morning walk are like coffee and caffeine for me. They get me going in the morning and allow me to clear my mind. I don't do anything too strenuous! Golf is also great exercise for me! You can also find me in a pilates or barre class every now and then.  

AGH-You have one meal left, what is it?

TG-Crab legs, McDonald's french fries, my mom's apple pie & a glass of wine. None of those things go together but they are all my favorite foods, haha!  

AGH-What is your favorite drink of choice?

TG-Sweet Tea -- I could live on it  

AGH-What is your favorite dessert?

TG-Anything with chocolate!  

AGH-Do you have any pets?

TG-A golden retriever named 'Duke.' I rescued him back when I was living with my parents in St. Louis. He became the family dog and stayed with my parents when I moved to Florida. He's who I look forward to seeing the most each time I go back home to St. Louis. Sorry, mom & dad!  

AGH-Big congratulations on your recent marriage to Mitchell.  What is your favorite part of Married life?

TG-Married life has been amazing! I get to hang out with my best friend everyday! Mitchell is the most positive person I know and is very supportive of my career. It's not easy being with someone who works nights, weekends, holidays and travels. But he understands because of his work in golf too. He just makes every day that much more fun and we treasure all the simple moments like cooking dinner and hanging out at home.  

Teryn is such an influential woman in the golf industry.  She has used her platform to not only tell stories about the world but to tackle real world issues as well.  Teryn participates in Alzheimer's research walks and charitable events around the Jacksonville area.  She is determined to try to help find a cure for Alzheimers.  SwingJuice cannot thank Teryn enough for all the time she gave to us. 

Check her out on all the PGA Tour's social media networks and watch for her on PGA Tour live this season.  Hulks personal favorite is the "The good, The Bad & Unusual."   We think that Teryn is a true American Original.  Celebrate her being one of the new wave of golf influencers with our American Woman Tank Top.

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