Have a Drink Friday - Bourbon Egg Nog

Have a Drink Friday - Bourbon Egg Nog

This Christmas season I'm reminded that I hate eggnog no matter how hard I try, but damnit, I want to be festive and embrace the season, and whatever other festive Christmas themes come to mind. Thankfully I've found an alternative for this Have a Drink Friday preceding Christmas 2016. You know what makes eggnog a little better? Alcohol. Evan Williams cut straight to the chase and made it easy by releasing their seasonal Evan William Egg Nog which is a bourbon infused eggnog. Rather than elaborate myself, I'll repeat what had to say about it.
Eggnog simply tastes like the holidays: rich cream and egg blended with sugar, spices, and ‰ÛÓ for the adults ‰ÛÓ a splash of bourbon, whether its to liven up the party or make the relatives a tad more bearable. This year, forego the homemade version and try Evan Williams‰Ûª own holiday concoction, a traditional southern-style eggnog blended with seven-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Eggnog fans will appreciate the velvety custard flavor and subtle winter aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, but more importantly, whiskey lovers will appreciate the taste of Evan Williams bourbon, whose toasty vanilla and caramel flavors leave a light, spicy finish. Be sure to chill the bottle well, however, as warm eggnog amplifies the taste of alcohol and detracts from its other flavors. Serve alone or garnished with a cinnamon stick.

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