Grayson Murray Is The Twitter Hero We All Need

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Grayson Murray Is The Twitter Hero We All Need

Grayson Murray. Ever heard of him? Me neither, until someone retweeted him and it popped up on my twitter feed. All I knew was he must be someone, since he has that coveted little blue check mark next to his name. So who is he exactly? The 23 year-old PGA Tour rookie won his way on the PGA Tour by way of the Tour. He attended four different colleges (Wake Forest, East Carolina, UNC Greensboro, and ASU) prior to working through Q School. While Murray has one victory to his name on the, his Tour numbers include one top-ten and only three made cuts in nine starts. Why? The trolls say because he spends too much time on Twitter, rather than practicing. I won't complain though, the guy has put up some gems in the last few weeks. The first tweet I saw from Murray simply said "That face you make when your agent asks for your twitter password. #imjusthavingfun" with a picture of him with his hands in his face. I knew I had struck gold. Here are some of the other gems from Grayson: "Hey @pgatour there shoul be a rule if you get a sponsor invite and withdraw after 28 holes your not allowed any other invites rest of the year" - referring to a Bryson Dechaumbeau withdrawl. "Made double today on 16 and rightfully got booed. Let's hope the only boo's I hear tomorrow are for my playing partner Boo Weekly" "I don't know what's more impressive that I hit 4 fairways yesterday or that I haven't hit a motorcyclist here in Cali yet" And my personal favorite: Grayson Murray Concession Stand Tweet - Copy But last week, Murray took it to another level by battling a troll head on. A user named "Pga is my thing" (so he's definitely a hack) called Murray out after Murray posted a screenshot of his mom calling him out for blocking her on Twitter. Murray engaged in the banter, telling the guy "You would be that poker player that wears headphones. At least get some wireless ones jeez." (apparently he's a poker pro). Poker guy then proceeds to tell Murray he'd beat him if he got three strokes a side, to which nobody agrees. Murray responds with this gem: "Unless I'm talking to Phil Mickelson under cover right now there is no way in hell under the conditions last week you would have broke 100" talking about the Honda Classic. Poker Guy then becomes Golf Guy as he claims he's a golf pro, and asks for a cash game. Grayson's response is classic: "If you are so good why don't you Monday qualify into a PGA tour event! Wait you can't get past the Thursday qualifier I get it now..." Sick burn. The poor guy tries to recover, but he's done for. Go back under your bridge, troll. Grayson, keep doing you. Don't take my word for it thought, check it out yourself on Twitter - @GraysonMurray

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