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As the global affects of the Coronavirus continue to affect our daily lives, we are all finding ourselves in some kind of BIG MOOD. But one thing is certain…we in the golf community can all relate to each other through this. SwingJuice would like to take this opportunity to remind us all that GOLF IS…so many things outside the pro tours.
What exactly is relatable to the current generation of potential golfers? With more and more golfers listening to music on the course, we see the relationship between golf and hip hop growing without hesitation. Find your groove on the course and off, because GOLF IS…fun and hip. No one said dancing after a par putt was off limits. And of course Amazing Golf tee shirts.
Two of our favorite things in life are golf & delicious tacos. Our fans tell us they feel the same way. GOLF IS…just as important as food to us! At SwingJuice, we know that bringing together your favorite things equals happiness. We also know that our core customer is a casual avid golfer. The type of person that likes to play 9 holes, then hit up their favorite local taco spot and grab some food and drinks with buddies.
Taking in a round at the local muni? Netflix bingeing as you social distance? Grab that bottle of smooth tequila baby! GOLF IS…feeling good and swinging even better (maybe). Why not show your love for both the world’s best sport and finest indulgence?
Of all the communities within the world of golf…perhaps none is more important than our local golf communities. During this time of staying close to home…may we all still get out and support our local businesses and courses as we can. Take your family to the course and then grab some take-out tacos on the way home! GOLF IS…supporting each other.
For golf fans…any off-course destination is our 19th hole. GOLF IS…celebration and anticipation of the next round. No matter how well you plan on the course, we can all relax and enjoy our buddies and down time at our 19th hole. Golf & Drinks, sounds good to me.
GOLF IS…living your daily life with a passion for the sport. As you go about your activities we know GOLF IS always on your mind. Showcase your passion on your sleeve with our epic golf-inspired t-shirt designs!

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