Fortnite-Gamer or Golfer?

Fortnite-Gamer or Golfer?

Take the biggest video game in the world; one in which 100 people start off in a battle royal shoot em' up free for all.  Add our most beloved game; one of ancient origins, steeped in history and tradition.  Combine the two and you have season five's most addictive added feature.... FORTNITE GOLF.  Whether you're a gamer or golfer, this pertains to you. Fortnite is an Epic released video game that was published in 2017.  It has garnered more than 150 million plays since its inception and has made the company countless hundreds of millions of dollars.  Not only has it influenced the video game genre, it has become a worldwide and cultural phenomenon.  You can't go to a school or a child's birthday party without seeing kids doing the Fortnite dance or talking about Fortnite.  Hell, my son had a dodgeball tournament and no less than three of the teams were named something about Fortnite.  Double hell, the Champions Tour had their guys try to recreate Fortnite dances (Yes, it was as awful as you think it was).  That's going to be tough to erase from your memory banks but it proves how deep this game has embedded itself in our culture. Unbeknownst to most people, the creators of Fortnite decided to add an in game golfing component.  There is literally a 9 hole par 3 course called Lazy Links.  It's actually pretty dope.  My son's love playing it and it involves golf so how could it be bad. Below is my youngest playing the Fortnite Lazy Links golf course with his golf bag on because I told him he couldn't play Fortnite golf unless he hit balls afterwards in our golf room.  So you get what you get, which is a nine year old playing a video game about golf with his golf bag on.  Small victories..

So love it or hate it, the Fortnite phenomenon seems like it's here to stay.  This may be the catalyst to get the younger generation into a game that is so lacking in its youth participation. If a simple golf task in a super popular video game can get kids excited about golf then I'm in.  

So what you if you still live in your parents basement and play Fortnite 10 hours a day., eat Mac and Cheese every day for lunch and haven't showered in days!  Wear this shirt and you'll be one of the cool kids.      AngryGolfHulk is currently searching for his first solo win.

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